The Muck Duck Story

Muck Duck Studio was founded by Casey Arthur at the beginning of the pandemic in 2019.  As a creative, and socially driven advocate Casey decided the best solution to some of Rochester’s toughest problems would be solved by uniting people through arts and culture.  There is no power like the power of the people. Casey’s goal was to build a bridge between social groups, individuals, and organizations alike. No one needs to live life in isolation.

Quickly, local creatives started coming together to do what we do best – create. Then came the audience. It is through this coming together that Muck Duck Studio was formed, and we are excited to share it with you!

We host monthly events in our community space which can be found on our events calendar. We have 10 studio spaces for private use in addition to a podcast studio, the community living room, and an artist lounge.

The Muck Duck Story

Muck Duck Studio Community Space

Currently, our group of talented creatives includes painters, musicians, producers, podcast hosts, and instructors from several disciplines. If you are a creative professional and are interested in having a personal space that is part of a colorful community, contact us at

Community Agreement
Muck Duck Studio Creative Collective

Unite through

the arts.

Muck Duck

Meet Miss Casey

Founder of Muck Duck Studio in 2021, Casey Arthur is known for her art and live painting throughout Rochester and Western New York.

Miss Casey

“My name is Miss Casey and I am a local Rochester artist, community advocate and Creativeprenure. I am most known for my paintings and performance art around our city and beyond.

My art is a simple expression of the love I have for the life in front of me. I try to create moments for people to pause and rest in the gentle imagery that my paintings offer. My job as an artist is to provoke your sense of mystery, open-mindedness, and inner silence.

When peole are connected to themselves and their core, they can connect with others in a far deeper way – and that will change the world.

This is the reason we started Muck Duck Studio, to connect people to each other and themselves through art and healing. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey and I hope to see you in the studio.”


-Miss Casey, Mama Duck