Welcome to Muck Duck Studio

We are an inter-art studio based in Rochester, NY offering vibrant programming, artist opportunities and events.

Recover, Rediscover, Restore

We foster a safe, creative community where professionals and novices alike can come to practice and collaborate.

A thriving community

As a non-profit, we work with countless partners to enrich our resident artists and the culture they curate.

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Be part of a vibrant community – get in touch to learn about artist residencies and become a part of the studio.

Community Workshops, Live Music, Classes & more…

Muck Duck Studio is a creative empowerment studio in Rochester, NY.  Located in the North Winton Village,  our 3,000 sq/ft community space relies on 4 major creative modalities – Music, Art, Yoga/Somatics, and Environmentalism. Our goal is to stoke your inner creativity through acts of artistic expression and charity. We partner with local organizations, instructors and artists for community events.

Work with the best instructors and artists in Rochester.

Check out our classes and events calendar to learn about upcoming workshops.

Meditation Classes

Amongst our artist roster are some experienced meditators, offering workshops and classes to help you learn how to meditate in a group setting, so you can take the practice home with you.

Live Music Events

Live Music Events

Join us for regular live music events here in studio. From full bands to solo musicians, these events attract some of the most colorful locals here in Rochester, NY.

Miss Casey

Live Painting

Catch the wonderful Miss Casey Arthur in the studio and around Rochester performing her live painting ritual at community events and live music shows.

Creative Mixer


Creative Mixer

Our regular mixer events are the most fun you can have on a Tuesday. Stop in and be a part of the amazing Muck Duck community!


Somatic Experience

Yoga & Somatic Workshops

Learn beginner to expert yoga with one of our trained instructors. Learn breathing techniques to help clam the mind and empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Variety Open Mic

Open Mics

This is your chance to share your creative work with us on our stage in a safe place to experiment with a live audience! We offer our staple Variety Nights and Mental Wellness Open mics that support your artist journey from the inside out.


Our Mission

Muck Duck Studio’s mission is to empower individuals, organizations, and
businesses, both locally in Rochester, NY, and globally, through the transformative power of creativity. We combine a diverse range of art forms, including somatic experiences, music, visual arts, and environmentalism, to inspire and engage people from all walks of life.

Our primary focus is on nurturing emotional, physical, and social well-being, as well as fostering resilience, and building vibrant communities. We champion innovation and experimentation to create enduring and meaningful change.

Muck Duck Studio is dedicated to catalyzing positive transformations, one person at a time, ultimately contributing to individual and collective empowerment.


Art Unites Us & Helps Us Thrive

Through participating in an artform such as playing music, or painting, we learn more about who we are and how to express our inner being. The introspective nature of art combined with community is making a difference in people’s lives every day, and we are here to help bring that opportunity to our Rochester community.

A harmonious community


Achieving social and emotional wellness through art is at the heart of Muck Duck’s mission.

- Roc City Mag